You work hard for your money, where does it go?

Put Living Paycheck to Paycheck in the Rear View Mirror


Proven Methods

Here at Building Financial Foundations, I have helped dozens of individuals overcome strife and heartache through my proven methods. At the heart of these methods is the "Prosperity Pyramid," a way of categorizing and structuring your finances in order to take back control of your financial future. Contact Building Financial Foundations today to learn more about this powerful tool, and the many other methods used to help individuals just like you, take back their finances and their financial freedom.


Starting Your Financial Journey
Just Starting

It is never to late to start taking back control of your finances, and to achieve the freedom that comes with peace of mind. No matter where you are at in your financial journey, I will walk with you every step of the way

Financial Growth
How to Grow

By using my proven systems such as the "Prosperity Pyramid" and my weekly to monthly coaching plans. You are guaranteed to start seeing results right out of the gate. So contact Building Financial Foundations today, and start your journey to achieving financial freedom.

How to start saving your finances
Learn to Save

Learning how to save and invest, is one of the most important skills needed to truly achieve financial freedom. This is a key element taught to all of our clients, and an element that is vital in achieving financial freedom and growth.


The Symptoms

You lay awake at night, scared to check the mailbox in the morning because you know what will be waiting for you: more bills you don't have the money for. You wonder how your friends are seemingly having the time of their lives. And yet there's you, wondering how you are going to pay the bills that are coming.


The Solution

The fact of the matter is that you are in control of your own destiny, and your own finances. You work hard for your money, and here at Building Financial Foundations I will show you how to put your finances to work for you. That is my promise, and we will not rest until you have found your own path towards financial freedom.


My Story

 My name is Michael Barnes, and I am the founder of Building Financial Foundations. My mission has always remained the same, to help clients achieve both their long term and short term goals through a personal 1 on 1 relationship. It is because of this approach that I am able to tailor my coaching methods for every client and their unique situation.

We've all gone through hard times, and it's normal to feel stuck in a terrible situation. However, as someone who has lived through these terrible circumstances, and emerged on the other side using these exact same methods. I want you to know it can be done, and I am here for you.


916 W. Main St, Norman OK 73069

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