• Michael Barnes

Time is Money

Time is money. This is a phrase used by a lot of people more than is imagined.

Yes, the economy is starting to run away with inflation on the rise. Yes, it is a scary time to be in, if you believe the media outlets. But if you live intentionally, you can get through it and come out, in more instances than you think, better than before.

The biggest thing to do is to live intentionally. Well, how does one do that? What does that even mean? Let’s take the money and financials out of this for the time being.

You have a set amount of time you get to use during the day. After the day is over, you have none left. Now let’s look at what you wanted to accomplish during one day’s worth of time. Did you get it all done? Most of the time, we always say to ourselves NO, I couldn’t get it all done today. Then you ask yourself: Why? Was it because there was too much to do, or was it because there was some time wasted during the day?

This principle also applies to money. You have a set amount of money that you can spend every month. If you use it wisely, your bills are paid, the groceries are filling your cabinets, and you have money left. If some of it is wasted, then you feel like you are behind, JUST LIKE WITH YOUR TIME!

So, how do you get to the point of having money left rather than not enough to get everything paid? It’s a simple concept. Make a plan for your money. Tell it where to go, rather than wonder where it went. This way you KNOW what is coming, and can make a plan for it.

Then the next thing that is thought about, and always comes up in these discussions, is what do I do when something unexpected comes up? This happens both with time and money (see how these things are starting to look related?) Well, with time, you adjust your schedule, and with money, you adjust your budget to take care of the emergency.

These are the issues I help my clients with every day. Call me at (405) 310-9189 and let me show you how to get started handing the everyday issues that come up, but with confidence and guidance to ensure a long term solution to your unique situation.

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